Letters, Email's and Feedbacks  from our Customers.  
Job title = Teacher
Usage = Student Chairs
Comments =
I cannot say enough about these and about
Phillip! He's the BEST! These are such high quality - sturdy
and heavy. MUCH nicer than regular tennis balls! I had
regular balls last year and they always fell off and weren't
nearly as nice. I LOVE the different colors! I was able to
coordinate my balls to match my classroom decor. These
are a BLESSING! No scratched up floors or screeching of
chairs (our janitors love them, too) You will LOVE these!!!

Traci -  LA
Pre-cut tennis balls are the best. They make it
so much easier for Pops (Jack) to get around
on his walker much easier. His
walker no
longer snags on carpet or scrapes the floor.
CP- Georgia
"great product, fast shipper, great price"
Mark - Dallas, Texas
Usage = Kitchen chairs
We have hardwood floors in our kitchen and they were getting
really scratched with our kitchen table chairs.  We tried
everything, then my husband suggested tennis balls.  I was
reluctant because they would look funny.  We purchased the
PCTB in green to match the kitchen.  I thought they looked a
little funny, but they did the job 110% and no one ever
mentioned them.  We will buy more when these get weak.   
Thank you! - Patty- Syracuse, NY
job title = teacher
Usage = desks
comments = I love using your tennis balls on the students
desks! We do a lot of group work and it is so much quieter
when the students move the desks around.  This is my second
order from you. - Shelley - TN
Dear Precut Tennis
Great product...First
time I had any success.  
The balls are great Did
not know they could be
used for so many
things.. Mother loves
hers on her walker..it
causes the walker to
glide smoothly, they
also last much longer
than the regular tennis
balls.  And easy to put
on. She is the talk of  
Assisted Living
with her multi
colored balls. Thanks
for the quick delivery
and great customer
service. I will use
PCTB's again and
Will contact you
later.     DMC -
Job title =Teacher
Usage = classroom chairs
comments = This is the first year that I have a classroom with tile
floor.  I am very nervous about the noise level in the room.  
Someone had told me about putting tennis balls on the legs of the
chairs and when I was looking for tennis balls I found your site.  I
am so excited about having higher quality balls to put on the legs
so they will last.  I
also love the different color selection.  
Thank you for making a teacher's life a little easier.
- Nancy - Pflugerville, TX
The tennis ball "feet" - Precut Tennis Balls -  for my mother's
walker are such a great idea.  Her walker has wheels on the
front, but the scrubbing of the rubber feet on the back legs
caused her much aggravation.  She has Alzheimer"s and just
couldn't remember to lift up on the back of the walker to keep it
from dragging and scrubbing.  Thank you for a very practical

Melissa W.
(daughter of Mary  at Felton Manor Assisted Living) Georgia
Usage = bar stools on tile floor
comments = We have these great new cast iron bar stools that
have odd footing. I can't keep the pads on them to protect my tile
floor so I am going to try the precut tennis ball. I can't wait to put
the precut tennis ball into action.. My floor and wallet will thank
me. -Lynne - Pelham, NH
Usage = walker
The pre-cut tennis balls are great for my mom's walker --
helps the walker legs slide better for better walking, and that
we can buy the tennis balls in black to match the walker is a big
-- Kate- North Palm Beach, FL
Usage = Walker
comments = They worked out great.  So much better than tennis
balls.  I gave some to family members who needed them for
walkers also. - Vance- Irving, TX
To Pre-cut Tennis Balls:
When I was in hospital
rehabilitation, they had tennis balls on the
back legs of their walkers. They were cute but that green just wasn’t
my color. Today, thanks to you, I have bright blue pre-cut tennis balls
on the back legs of my walker. They give the walker an individualized
sassy look, and it glides over carpet much better than the little plastic
caps that came on the walker. Another nice thing about pre-cut tennis
balls is that, coupled with your array of colors, the price is reasonable
enough that I can afford to change the color my walker wears to
blend with what I wear every couple of weeks. And a definite plus is I
can put colorful pre-cut tennis balls on the back legs of my walker
without having to ask someone else to “X” cut them. Oh, you had
warned me that the pre-cut tennis balls were a tight fit. Having been
pre-warned I just simply flexed the ball at the cut area three or four
times and they went on tight but with very little effort.

Thank you for such a wonderful idea,
Judi  - Tacoma, WA
From Our Customers
*Discount do not apply to sale items.
Due to various usages we can not offer warranties or guaranties
Some of our larger customers consist of the US Navy, Time
Warner Studios and Universal Studios
. Which use PCTB's as
movie set and studio markers.   We supply Precut Tennis
Balls to
Northrop Grumman, as well as, some of our Navy
Ships and Subs to protect their floors.