Ways to use PCTB
These Precut Tennis Balls are high grade tennis balls. (Blue,
Black, Grey, Purple, Red, Green & Dark Blue)
Medical Usage
Medical Walkers
Place a Pre-Cut Tennis Ball on the back legs of walker
for a smooth sliding action.
Custodial Usage
Scuff mark remover
Dark sole shoes often cause black scuff marks on tile
and wood floors. Place a Pre-Cut Tennis Ball on the
end of a broom, then use the ball to rub the mark and
watch it disappear quickly and easily.

More and more, schools are looking
for ways to cut back on their costs
for custodial and maintenance
while keeping their appearance
and investments well maintained.
Extend the life of your  floors
while cutting down on
noise and damage of daily wear
and show your school spirit at the
same time. Many schools are already
adding tennis balls to their students
supply lists.

Promote your
school spirit with your school colors.
Most colors available.